Open Source Software


MapGive - Source code for the MapGive website.

Secondary Cities - Source code for the Secondary Cities website.

HIU Website - Source code for the HIU website.

OSMGeoWeek - Source code for the OSM GeoWeek website.

Imagery to the Crowd

ittc-fabric - Fabric scripts for doing automated tasks with ITTC infrastructure.

ittc-server-django - TileJet based server for in-memory caching of tiles


CyberGIS Guides - Guides for enterprise deployment of open source Web GIS systems

CyberGIS Client - Client side code for CyberGIS (abstraction layer for OpenLayers, OL3, and Leaflet). Includes source code and examples.

CyberGIS Scripts - Scripts used in the CyberGIS

CyberGIS OSM Mappings - Mappings from OSM Key-Value structure to table/shapefile schema. Used in GeoGig and GeoSHAPE.

CyberGIS Commons - This repository contains a set of Java classes and methods commonly used in the CyberGIS.


State GeoNode

Primary open geographic data platform of the U.S. Department of State. The State GeoNode is a digital service provided by the U.S. Department of State for publishing open geographic data produced by or compiled by the U.S. Government to the public, U.S. Government decision-makers, and partners on complex emergencies, natural disasters, and diplomatic activities world-wide.

Secondary Cities GeoNode

The primary data repository for Secondary Cities (2C). 2C is a field-based initiative of the Office of the Geographer to map for Resiliency, Human Security, and Emergency Preparedness. 2C builds partnerships to create geospatial capacity, enhance understanding through data and mapping, and enable science-based decision making.

Ebola GeoNode

This is a partnership platform for sharing geospatial data, analysis and maps related to the Ebola emergency response. The platform is intended to minimize the time that GIS analysts spend locating up-to-date data. Users are able to make maps on the fly, view metadata, and access the reports behind GIS layers. Curators are working to ensure that the layers are recent, clean, useful, and legally and technically open.